Trust & transparency tools for Radix

Providing locking, vesting & insights


Locking liquidity provides users confidence your project won’t rug them


Advanced token release with team management and custom scheduling


Use our insight tools to trade with greater safety and less uncertainty
Increase project value
by increasing trust


For Builders

Team vesting (soon)
Lock and release your tokens to team members with transparent scheduling
Liquidity locking
Lock liquidity to give your investors much needed confidence
NFT locks
Lock NFTs and presale investment and stagger release based on milestones

For Investors

Gain insights
Give yourself a market advantage by using project insight tools
Follow leaderboards
Be able to see top performing projects that have liquidity locked with us
Real time project updates
Have the opportunity to buy into new projects early with confidence
Future features:
Team vesting, Vest management tools, Multisig, NFT vesting, Advanced insight tools, Token creator and more
Invest with insight to reduce uncertainty

What is locking?

Locking & vesting are not new concepts. In traditional finance (BoomerFi) they have been utilised for many years. It enables employees access to stocks gradually over time serving as an incentive to actively support projects. With web3 more advanced decentralised versions can be implemented to help protect users against the volatility of crypto.

Why lock?

Locking tokens minimises the risk of sudden sell-offs (the dreaded rug). This display of commitment to a user base instills greater confidence and worth. Crypto is still in its Wild West phase, last year alone rug pulls accounted for $388 million in losses. We aim to help reduce that number by empowering both builders and users.


Scrypto Engineer
Software Developer with over 6 years experience in the financial industry, particularly in payments and trading platforms. Loves programming languages and Scrypto.
Frontend Developer
Experienced Software developer with over 7 years working at an international level in the travel and energy sectors. Passionate about crypto since 2017.
Creative Director
Creative director that’s worked with a range of high level international clients for over 20 years in both private and public sectors. Excited to be shifting focus to web3.
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